6 Advantages of Mobile Learning

  1. Learning path : Mobile offers continuous and personalised learning path.Learners get ongoing notifications and updates on their courses, which they check anywhere and anytime. The can also resume their course easily, without unlearning previous content
  2. Multi-device support : Significant benefit of the mobile learning environment is that it supports the availability of the same course on various devices, including computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
  3. …On-the-go learning : The flexibility it offers for anytime-anywhere learning. Important trend for 2020 learning strategy.
  4. Higher engagement higher retention : The bite-sized and concise content presented in m-learning platforms offers immense flexibility to learners to begin and complete courses as per their own convenience resulting higher retention.
  5. Collaborative learning : Mobile learning in education makes it easier for learners to engage and collaborate towards establishing a robust online learning community.
  6. Design formats : Mobile learning features design formats that are popular with learners.Micro learning nuggets can be optimally consumed on mobile devices

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