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Can Edtech platform remain relevant post covid?

What a year 2020 turned out to be. We saw & have been through the new normal. We saw essential service workers fighting the contagious
covid. We remained at home & the home become our school, college & office.
The latest buzz or often the question I come across is “with partial reopening of schools and colleges, how relevant will EdTech platform and
apps be ?” It is always the choice between the need & want isn’t it?
So the answer, Let’s look one by one how the Edtech has changed the learning model in education.
  1. Rather than just being a “Computer class” , EdTech has evolved in to something meaningful for user who can decide what & how they learn. It has become more interactive , gamified, data-based approach to learning. It has allowed even working people to pick up the skills needed in modern workplace
  2. Learn anytime, anywhere, at your pace is the new mantra ! The bite-sized and concise content presented in learning apps offers immense flexibility to learners to begin and complete courses as per their own convenience resulting in higher retention
  3. Learning through any Edtech platform has become more visual, or as I now say video is the new textbook !
  4. “The one-size-fits-all-theory doesn’t work anymore” , which has put the onus on personalised learning & customised for the student/user ! Teachers provide the guiding path
  5. When I say teachers are the guiding path, it is not as simple as it looks, the demand for “Expert” or “Quality” educators has gone up.No longer they have to be in a single classroom to ply their trade
  6. What has Edtech given to parents? Deeper connection. Improved communication between teacher school student & parent. There are no more shier students nor incommunicado parents
  7. Degrees are online ! India’s higher education regulator allowed universities to offer lectures that are recorded or delivered through video-conferencing and discussed in an online discussion forum
  8. Competitiveness. Edtech has played vital in colleges digital transformation.Starting off with basic LMS, colleges in their Edtech version have morphed into full fledged online universities.
So tell me, do you think EdTech platform will be relevant post covid?

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