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Emotional Intelligence

Become Proficient in Emotional Intelligence

Develop a deep understanding and practical proficiency in Emotional Intelligence to effectively recognize, understand, manage, and utilize emotions for enhanced relationships, decision-making, and overall well-being.

Certification Collaborator

EI Profilling
21 Competence
Understand Emotional Intelligence
Develop Self-Awareness
Enhance Self-Regulation
Improve Social Skills
Apply Emotional Intelligence

Key Features

Prepare to master Emotional Intelligence for personal and professional success.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the core principles underlying gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles
Acquire the skills needed to troubleshoot electrical, electronic, and software modules effectively
Engaging lectures and hands-on activities
Identify strengths and areas for improvement
Role-playing and real-life scenario practice

Program Overview

Professionals and Managers, Aspiring Leaders, Graduates, Self-Improvement Enthusiasts

What you will learn

Emotional Intelligence Fundamentals
Personal and Social Competence
Assessment and Improvement

Recent Success Stories

Demonstrating our expertise in education and state-of-the-art technology through impactful placements.

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Program Outline

Explore our course's modules and components for a concise program overview.

  • Overview of EV Technology & it's eco-system
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  • What & How of Battery Swapping Technology
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  • EV Kit sourcing
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  • Legalities, Approval, Permissions & registration
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  • Basic Diagnosis in electric vehicle
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  • Global EV Outlook
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  • Natural Gas & Solar powered EV charging station
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  • Retrofitting : Concept, Scope, Categories
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  • Actual conversion process
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  • Operation & maintenance of electric vehicle
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  • Advanced EV Diagnostics & Problem solving
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What Can You Achieve with Our Emotional Intelligence Course?

Discover Your Ideal Career Path with ReynLabs

Enhanced self-confidenceIncreased adaptabilityBetter decision-makingImproved leadership abilitiesReduced stress and improved resilienceEnhanced teamwork and collaborationIncreased empathy and compassionPromotion of a positive organizational culturePersonal growth and development

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Don k Mamachan
Don k Mamachan
Am from Kerala . and I took the course ECU tuning and the remap . From Reynlab I get the best class. The reynlabs staff are really amazing guys who have the perfect knowledge about automobiles. And they have. All the equipment buy hands on training . And I am so proud to Tell that am a student from Reynlab
Sathya Ryderz
Sathya Ryderz
Best place to develop your knowledge and eco friendly staffs guides you like a good technician
Yashraj bangera
Yashraj bangera
A very Good Institute. Really ground breaking courses.
Kavitha kavi
Kavitha kavi
Best place for technician course
Rina Hlawnmual
Rina Hlawnmual
Some courses is a bit messy, but it still good if you complete the course ????????
Girish teja
Girish teja
This is the best place for to learn about automobiles. They'll teach from basic to advance level in depth. The faculty is also very nice and friendly and also experienced All the tools and equipments provided for better knowledge. I learnt here MASTER TECHNICIAN, ECU TUNING AND ECU REPAIRING. They'll provided job placements also for MASTER TECHNICIAN( No institute will provide this kind of facility ) Come to reynlab, start from scratch and become a professional in automobiles
Zamzin Zamzin
Zamzin Zamzin
☺️: Hi my name is zamzin and I am from Kerala, kollam i am just 10pass out student Learning in reyn lab about cars wiring kits and electrical systems is essential for understanding how everything in a car comes together. It's fascinating to see how the wiring connects various components and allows them to communicate and function properly. And let's not forget about the radiator, which plays a crucial role in keeping the engine cool and preventing overheating. It's amazing how all these different parts work together to make a car run smoothly. And car engine is quite fascinating. From the combustion process to the different components like pistons, cylinders, crankshafts, and camshafts, understanding how they all work together is key. It's great that you have a keen interest in exploring the intricacies of car engines. ????????????????

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Incase you are not happy with our course for any reason, we offer a no-questions asked money-back guarantee

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Program Fees

Admission to the program is granted based on student eligibility.


Prerequisite : Anyone can learn


Rs. 5,000.00

*Inclusive of 18 % GST

Duration : 180 Days Course


Prerequisite : Anyone can learn



*Inclusive of 18 % GST

Duration : 180 Days Course

Advanced Session

Prerequisite : Anyone can learn



*Inclusive of 18 % GST

Duration : 180 Days Course

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it online or offline? Where does offline course happen? How long is the course?

    Online: The EI course offers flexibility for remote learning, allowing students to access materials and lectures digitally.

  • Is placement provided? what type of placement do you provide? Can I intern with you after the course? Do I immediately get job?


  • Do you provide accommodation? How much will the stay cost? Is good canteen available? How much will be the travel from my place? Is the area safe to stay?

    No, our course fee is for the training only, and we do not provide accommodation to our students.
    Our garage is located in the heart of the IT area, and there are numerous options available for accommodation according to your budget.
    Yes, we have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian mess facilities available near our garage.
    If you are flying to Chennai, the nearest airport is the Chennai International Airport. Alternatively, if you are traveling by train, the nearest railway station is the Chennai Central Station.
    Our garage is located in the western part of Chennai, which is considered one of the prime residential areas in the city. We prioritize the safety and security of our students, and the locality is generally considered safe for residents and visitors.

  • Do you provide certificate ? Same certificate for online & offline ? Is the certificate valid in all the places ? Can you show me how the certificate looks like ?

    Yes, upon completion of the course, students typically receive a certificate indicating that they have successfully completed the program. All our course are certified by STEM.ORG, USA. Their certifications are widely recognised as a mark of quality and excellence in STEM education.

  • When will the course start? How many in a batch? How much hours per day? Will there be too many students? Will faculty teach me, If I dont understand in class? When should I confirm the batch dates?

    Online – Since it is prerecorded you can start the course at anytime, anywhere.