04 – Road Load Mathematical Model

mathematical modelling

In this lesson, we start with our very first mathematical model – we will try to represent the road load forces on a car as a model using MATLAB & SIMULINK. Detailed learning materials are included in the Resource Section

math model

[vdo id='f484985863524f9f99eeb14a67ce701a']


To build mathematical models, you will have to download and install either Matlab/Simulink or SCILAB. We suggest using Matlab since it a widely used tool and will give you a better chance at cracking placement interviews. You can download Matlab / Simulink from the Mathworks website mentioned below or in the case of SciLabĀ 

Trial Version of Matlab Simulink can be downloaded from the below link, incase you are a student, please check with your university / college for student license of the same


SciLab is opensource and can be downloaded from the below link – Though its free and opensource, SciLab has a lot of ground to gather before it can compete with Matlab / Simulink. So we suggest you stick to Matlab / Simulink as much as possible