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ReynLab Virtual Tuning Challenge

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can you beat our horsepower record on this bike?

Go ahead and take a shot at tuning this race bike of ours virtually. If you can beat our horsepower record, you stand to win exciting prizes from us!






Click on the button below and register an account - Its absolutely FREE!


Follow the simple 15 minute video to learn how to tune


Go ahead and tune, Once you have completed get the dyno chart


Upload the chart on instagram with hashtags #ReynICE #VirtualTuningChallenge

What is Virtual Tuning?

Click on the enroll button on the top left hand corner of this page. Or alternately click on the button below to navigate to the “Enroll Button”

  1. Once you have enrolled, navigate to “My Account” tab and click on it
  2. Locate the course titled ” Reynlab Virtual Tuning Challenge” and click on it 
  3. Have a look at the tutorial videos to understand how the virtual tuning interface works.
  4. Go ahead and tune the bike as you see fit – You have one day to complete the challenge
  5. Once you have finalised your tune, extract the horsepower and torque chart
  6. Upload the torque chart on instagram and tag five of your friends as well
  7. Include the hashtags #ReynICE and #VirtualTuningChallenge in your post
  8. We will decide the winner of the challenge and announe on our instagram pages by April 15th

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Learn To Tune

Attend the webinar to learn to tune

Practice on our virtual dyno

Frequently asked questions

The difference is in the course syllabus and access to labs. If you are interested in just learning about tuning your own petrol engine, say like a student formula team, then the “Student” option will be suited. Alternately if you are trying to learn how to tune petrol and diesel engines, remaps, building performance engines, building turbocharged applications etc., take up the PRO course.

This course is completely online. You get to practise tuning through our virtual dyno interface – ReynICE

Yes. We have no pre-requisites for this course. Just about anyone can join and take up the training.

The Student version of the course comprises around 6 hours of theory and 1 month access to the virtual dyno.

The PRO version comprises of 25+ hors of materials and 3 months access to the virtual dyno.

You will be able to tune your own petrol / diesel engine after you complete this course. Additionally you will also be able to use the basics you have learn here to start working on Automotive Control Systems and Calibrations.

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