ECU Tuning and Remaps

Learn how to install and tune a stand-alone ECU, Remap OEM ECUs and build high performance engines

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About this course

Learn how to tune ECUs with this course. Apart from its applications in motorsports and high performance engine building, this course also provides a good foundation for students to learn about automotive mechatronics, control systems and calibration.

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Learning Outcomes

Why Get Certified?

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Gain automotive domain expertise – Much needed especially if you are thinking of pursuing a career in automotive sector

Dont let the name fool you, what we teach is fundamentals of control systems in a non-technical way

Interested in starting a performance garage or tuning business? Then this is the perfect place to learn all the fundamentals

Thinking of starting a career in motorsports as a driver / tuner? Learn how engines and ECUs work to give yourselves an edge.

What you will learn


Control Systems


Why learn ECU Tuning? Contrary to popular belief that ECU tuning or Remap has only motorsports applications, this is a science that has widespread applications. “Calibration” of control systems has applications in automotive, industrial, and mechatronics domains as well.

We found that there were only 3 main things that students were looking out for before choosing to do ECU tuning course. We have listed it out in an easy way to understand. Here is what you will find in this video.

  • Who should do this course?
  • How do we teach this course?
  • How can I learn without “Actual” hands-on?



Control Strategy

Control Strategy Adv


After-Market Performance

Part 1 - Online

Prerequisite : Any one can learn
19,999 Inclusive of 18 % GST
  • Petrol and Diesel Engine Tuning
  • Stand Alone ECU & Remaps
  • Virtual Dyno & Software Emulators
  • Aftermarket, Exhaust, Intake & Turbocharging

Part 2 - Hands-on

Prerequisite : Part 1
19,999 Inclusive of 18 % GST
  • Setup and wire ECUs
  • Oscilloscope use and basic diagnosis
  • Different types of ECUs
  • ECU Calibration

Part 3 - Dyno Session

Prerequisite : Part 1 & Part 2
19,999 Inclusive of 18 % GST
  • Best for starting remap garages
  • Work on real cars and real tools
  • Learn all aspects of tuning & remap business
  • Collect data logs and analyze

Skills You Will Learn











Check out the course before purchasing

Access our hands-on modules to check out the effectives before purchasing our course, get a free 2-day access to our virtual engine dyno.


The difference is in the course syllabus and access to labs. If you are interested in just learning about tuning your own petrol engine, say like a student formula team, then the “Student” option will be suited. Alternately if you are trying to learn how to tune petrol and diesel engines, remaps, building performance engines, building turbocharged applications etc., take up the PRO course.

This course is completely online. You get to practise tuning through our virtual dyno interface – ReynICE

Yes. We have no pre-requisites for this course. Just about anyone can join and take up the training.

The Student version of the course comprises around 6 hours of theory and 1 month access to the virtual dyno.

The PRO version comprises of 25+ hors of materials and 3 months access to the virtual dyno.

You will be able to tune your own petrol / diesel engine after you complete this course. Additionally you will also be able to use the basics you have learn here to start working on Automotive Control Systems and Calibrations.

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