ECU Tuning and Remaps

Learn to tune or remap your car / bike

The usual way

What do you need to learn tuning or remap?

  1. A car or bike to start working with
  2. Tools like a stand alone ECU or remap tools to read and write to ECUs
  3. A dyno to measure how much horsepower you are actually making
  4. $$$$ to spend for renting a dyno, filling up fuel and other things
  5. Time – Lots of it!!!
ReynLab Way

What if there was an alternate to this?

With our ECU tuning course, you only need a mobile phone or a laptop to start learning about tuning your cars. You don’t need a car or bike or any other tool to start with. We provide with our course, virtual access to

  • A vehicle with Stand-Alone ECU
  • Eddy Current Dyno with O2 and emissions measurements
All you have to do is sign-up and start learning. And what’s more, its TOTALLY FREE!!

About this course

Use this opportunity to check out our Virtual Engine Testing Equipment. Get a feel for ECU tuning and Dyno testing virtually. 

Course Details

Learning Outcomes

How it works


Click on the button below and register an account - Its absolutely FREE!


Follow the simple 15 minute video to learn how to tune


Go ahead and tune, Once you have completed get the dyno chart


Upload the chart on instagram with hashtags #ReynICE #VirtualTuningChallenge

Why Get Certified?

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One hour introduction to the fundamentals

  • Digital twin of an eddy current dyno
  • Learn to tune from your desktop
  • Tune for power or emissions performance

What you will learn

Dyno Testing

ECU Tuning

Emissions Measurements

Skills You Will Learn







This course allows you to sign up and access free modules from our ECU Tuning Course. You also get to practice with our Virtual Dyno Interface for 5 days.

This course is completely online. You get to practise tuning through our virtual dyno interface – ReynICE

Yes. We have no pre-requisites for this course. Just about anyone can join and take up the training.

This free version gives you access for five days alone. Post that you will have to pay and purchase a plan.

This course is put up for you to get a feel for tuning vehicles with our virtual dyno. 

This is a demonstration of our virtual lab. As such only a brief intro video is available.

You can purchase access to our dyno for longer durations through our website

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