Electric Vehicle Repair Technician

The Electric Vehicle Technician Course is a cutting-edge program meticulously crafted to empower automotive professionals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic realm of electric vehicles (EVs). This comprehensive course offers a blend of in-depth training modules and practical, hands-on experiences, ensuring participants acquire a mastery of EV fundamentals, diagnostics, repair procedures, retrofits, and vehicle-specific maintenance.

Our curriculum is designed to keep pace with the ever-evolving EV industry, providing participants with the latest insights and technologies. Whether you’re a seasoned automotive professional or someone entering the field, this course will equip you with the expertise to navigate and excel in the exciting world of electric vehicles.

About this course

Welcome to our comprehensive Electric Vehicle Repair Technician program, designed to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving field of electric vehicle maintenance and repair. This program is structured into distinct modules, each focusing on critical aspects of EV technology, diagnostics, repair procedures, and specialized knowledge in electric two-wheelers/three-wheelers.

Course Details

Learning Outcomes

Why Get Certified?

Acquire essential expertise in the Electric Vehicle domain, a crucial asset for those aspiring to build a career in the EV sector

Dont let the name fool you, what we teach is fundamentals of control systems in a non-technical way

  • Electric vehicle retrofit
  • EV service centres
  • Battery charge & swap stations


EV Fundamentals

Basic Diagnostics

EV Repair & Diagnosis

Elective - 2W/3W

Becoming an EV technician is a strategic career move as the electric vehicle industry grows rapidly, offering job security and the chance to contribute to sustainable transportation. The skills acquired are in high demand globally, reflecting the increasing popularity of electric vehicles.

EV Technician (Online)

Prerequisite : Any one can learn
25,000 Inclusive of 18 % GST
  • EV Architecture
  • Electric Motors and Controllers
  • Fundamentals of wiring diagrams
  • Chargers and Batteries

EV Technician Practcals

Prerequisite : EV Technician (Online)
35,000 Inclusive of 18 % GST
  • Service Procedures
  • Advanced Diagnostic Principles
  • Electronic control module faults
  • CAN bus faults

EV Technician (Full Course)

Prerequisite : Any one can learn
59,000 Inclusive of 18 % GST
  • EV architecture and components
  • Guided EV diagnostics
  • Handling electronic control module faults
  • Quality policy, warranty replacements

Skills You Will Learn

EV Architecture

Wiring Diagram

Control Architecture

Data Based Diagnosis


CAN Network

Retrofit Procedure

Software Calibration Errors

Assessment Standards

Test Drive


An EV Repair  Technician Course provides specialized training for individuals to diagnose and fix electric vehicle issues, preparing them for careers as skilled EV technicians in the expanding automotive sector.

Taking an EV Repair Technician Course is beneficial as it equips you with specialized skills to meet the rising demand in the growing electric vehicle industry, ensuring you can diagnose, maintain, and repair cutting-edge EV technologies, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

After an EV Repair Technician Course, you can work as an EV technician, explore entrepreneurial opportunities, or delve into research and development roles in the dynamic electric vehicle industry.

This course is completely offline.

No. The EV Repair Technician Course is exclusively available in an offline mode.

Yes. We have no pre-requisites for this course. Just about anyone can join and take up the training.

Yes, some courses are designed to accommodate beginners with little to no prior experience in automotive repair

This course spans a duration of 4 weeks, conducted in an offline format.

The tools needed can vary, but having access to a laptop, diagnostic software, and diagnostic equipment is often required. Some courses may provide access to virtual labs for practice.

EV Repair Technician Course includes practical hands-on experience, whether through physical or virtual labs. This allows you to apply what you’ve learned.

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