Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Wondering how ReynLab can benefit you / your college / organization? We have tried answering most of the common questions our users have. If you still have un-answered questions, please drop us an email.

ReynLab is a collection of learning materials that make teaching & learning S.T.E.M subjects easy. These learning materials include 

  • e-Learning materials including videos, lectures, quizzesand assignments
  • Our collection of virtual labs that bring hands-on experience to students pursuing the courses online
  • Our Cyber-Physical lab equipments that replicate industry systems in a compact form-factor

With ReynLab the focus is on developing “Higher Order Thinking Skills” in students. In simpler terms, we want our students to not just learn theory, but understand how they can put that knowledge in practise and develop solutions using that knowledge. 

And we dont stop there as well. We create a virtual environment where the student can practise creating solutions using what he has learnt so far. This experiential learning component is something that many training programs miss out on, leaving the training exercise in-complete.

Say you sign up for our Electric Vehicle development course, this is how you will proceed with the course

  1. Learn the fundamentals by watching our lectures and videos
  2. Get on to our virtual lab – ReynEV and start developing your electric vehicle platform
  3. Using ReynEV, run tests on your electric car virtually. Collect data and analyze vehicle performance
  4. Get back to the course and learn more advanced concepts
  5. Get back to ReynEV and develop your car further with the advanced concepts that you have learnt

Imagine having an engine testing laboratory with a steady state dynamometer and a 5 gas analyser in your department? Conservatively speaking, this should take up about 6000-8000 sq ft of space and will require an investment of close to INR 65,00,000 and above. 

With a ReynLab alternative, you can have a similar setup right on your desk!! Our cyber physical lab systems harness the power of “Digital Twins” to bring the entire engine testing lab to your desk. Interact with the equipment in the same way you would work with a real system, collect data that has 90% fidelity and run tests 24/7 without worrying about maintenance or breakdown.

Labs that are ready for deployment are

  1. Automotive Engine Calibration
  2. Automotive Mechatronics
  3. Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Design

Labs under development include

  1. Electric Motor Testing
  2. Autonomous Driving Vehicle Systems
  3. Robotics
  4. Industry 4.0 – IOT
  5. Industry 4.0 – Robotics
  6. Chemical Plant Control
  7. Solar Power Plant Control
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