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Quick reads to improve your domain and technical skills – new posts updated twice a week!

The EV Paradigm

Have you ever wondered why the electric vehicle industry is witnessing such impressive growth while the rest of the industry seems to be slowing down?

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What is Power?

frequently, we talk about cars with more horsepower and acceleration. But do we really understand what horsepower is? How does a car with less horsepower

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Product Design

Product Design | CAD | CAE | CFD | Automotive & Manufacturing Sectors

Embedded Systems

Embedded Design | Development | Testing | Validation in Automotive Sector

Model Based Development

MATLAB SIMULINK | Development | Testing | Systems Engineering for Automotive Sector

Skill Development Courses

These are short term courses that you can pursue to develop specific skill sets

ECU Tuning & Remaps

Motorsports | Performance Shops | Formula Student | Calibration | Mechatronics

Emotional Intelligence

Learn to improve your Emotional Skills and manage Stress, Improve Productivity
mental health

Electric Vehicles

Fundamentals | Power Train Development | Control | Testing & Validaton

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