Model Based Development and Control Systems Engineering

The one course that can launch your OEM R&D career

About this course

Control System and Model-Based Development are becoming the backbone of all research and development projects in current times. This is a field where engineers from Mechanical and Electrical sciences come together and work collaboratively. 

Course Details

Learning Outcomes

Why Get Certified?

Gain automotive engineering and automotive electronics expertise – Its no longer sufficient to be proficient in a single domain. 

Learn how to develop plant models for any physical system – Use a combination of Causal and Acausal modelling techniques

Learn how to analyze a system and design a control system accordingly. Subsequently, simulate the system and calibrate the control systems

Learn how automotive companies use MBD to accelerate their product development life cycle – also learn about systems engineering and the various process involved with it

What you will learn

Domain Skills

Control theory

Software / Tools

Model Based Design is the technology that drives most of the R&D activities in eMobility and Industry 4.0 verticals. Learn why MBD is essential and how it can help you build a successful career out of this course.


Domain Knowledge

Gain an in-depth knowledge about automotive systems, mechatronics and embedded control. Also brush up on the foundations of thermal and fluid power systems which would help in developing automotive control systems. 

Mathematical Modelling

Master the fundamentals of Mathematical Modelling – The most powerful tool that drives research in automotive, manufacturing, aero-space, bio-tech and other domains. 

Automotive, Thermal and Fluid Power Systems

Causal modelling of automotive, fluid and thermal power systems to develop plant models for analysis, simulation, control system development and model based testing and validation.

Control Systems

Design, analyze and simulate control systems for various automotive and industrial applications, learn about PID Controllers, Robust Control, Kalman Filters and much more that can give you a competitive edge in your interviews

Model Based Development

Harness the power of MBD and learn how to quickly develop plant and control models for Electric and Hybrid Electric Applications, Industrial Systems and much more. Also learn how to perform MIL Testing for executing V&V plans 

Systems Engineering

The science of systems engineering is seldom taught at universities, yet is the driving force behind all industry processes. Learn Model Based Systems Engineering ( MBSE ) and how you can leverage it for career success 

Skills You Will Learn

Engineering Fundamentals

Mathematical Modelling

Control System Design

V&V Plans

Model Based Development

Systems Engineering

1D Modelling

Data Visulizations

Embedded Systems

Testing & Validation


This course is open to Engineering Students from the Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Science domain.

Engineering students from Mechanical, Automotive, EEE or ECE branches currently in 4th semester onwards.

Professionals looking to pivot into Automotive Controls Domain for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Applications, Autonomous Driving or ADAS

Faculty looking to develop competencies in modern automotive control theory

No, you have theory and practicals in equal parts.

This course will enroll you for our classes and also expert talk / webinars. You can also take part in our free virtual internships on a priority basis.

You will also work extensively on Modellica and Matlab / Simulink tools

The program has ten modules and two electives.

The course has a blended delivery model where the lessons comprise of

  • Self-Paced online lessons comprising of pre-recorded videos
  • Instructor led live online sessions
  • Hands-On practice at our Chennai center ( optional ) students can also opt for a virtual presence

You will get access to digital materials pertaining to the course. Some modules include downloadable PDF files such as worksheets, cheat sheets etc.


Course Duration : 3 Months
  • 3M Course Work
  • 4 Major Projects
  • Professional STEM Certificate
  • Includes 3 Optional Module
  • EMI Options Available

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