Product Design

End to end product design life cycle from design & aesthetics to tool and die design

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This is a job leading course that prepares the students for a product design career in plastics and composites, sheet metal and casting. Students master the entire product design life cycle including design, aesthetics, materials, ergonomics, application and functionality 

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Why Get Certified?

Product design is highly popular and in-demand career choice with multiple domain applications like automotive, medical equipment, industrial design etc.,

Our professional certificates combined with internships can help you land placements at OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers – Kick start your career with our job leading courses

Product design and tool engineers are most sought after free-lancers. Get into the business of offering your services through websites like FreeLancer and earn while you stay free from a 9-5

If you are startup founder / co-founder working on developing a new product, then this course will save you a whole lot of heart-burn, time and money! Design and get your product ready for the market without having to depend on employees to translate your design language. 

What you will learn




Product design is a vertical that finds applications across multiple domains. This discipline starts from requirements gathering and ends when the concept is realised as a physical product.



Level 1

Level 2


Live Projects

Level 1

Course Work | Projects
  • Fundamentals and Nomenclature
  • Basic Software Skill Sets
  • Industrial Processes
  • Workflow & Best Practices
  • Course & Project Certificate

Level 2

Course Work | Projects
  • Advanced Product Development
  • Modelling Complex Profiles
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Surface Modelling
  • Industrial Projects

Level 3

Any 1 Specialization | Projects
  • Deep Dive Specialization
  • Real Industrial Projects
  • Tool & Die Design
  • Quality Processes
  • Standards & Documentation

Full Course

L1, L2, L3 and Project
  • All theory lessons and 4 projects
  • Extensive theory and hands-on exercises
  • Industry Standards & Practices
  • Placement Assistance Post Completion of Course
  • 4 Professional Certificates on Completion

Course + Placements

Full Course + Placement Assistance
  • All features of full course
  • 3M internship with stipend
  • 9M placement with salary
  • Work at ReynLab or at client locations
  • Go from being a "fresher" to "experienced"
For freshers

Skills You Will Learn











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The difference is in the course syllabus and access to labs. If you are interested in just learning about tuning your own petrol engine, say like a student formula team, then the “Student” option will be suited. Alternately if you are trying to learn how to tune petrol and diesel engines, remaps, building performance engines, building turbocharged applications etc., take up the PRO course.

This course is completely online. You get to practise tuning through our virtual dyno interface – ReynICE

Yes. We have no pre-requisites for this course. Just about anyone can join and take up the training.

The Student version of the course comprises around 6 hours of theory and 1 month access to the virtual dyno.

The PRO version comprises of 25+ hors of materials and 3 months access to the virtual dyno.

You will be able to tune your own petrol / diesel engine after you complete this course. Additionally you will also be able to use the basics you have learn here to start working on Automotive Control Systems and Calibrations.

Top 3 Reasons to Work in This Domain

Mature Domain

A mature domain offers a more stable career than the new domains. The job roles are well defined and are likely to stay relevant for a longer time.

Multiple Sectors

From Automotive & Manufacturing to Medical Equipment and consumer goods, this domain has multiple application areas making it a safe career bet.

Career Growth

The career trajectory is clearly defined and offers a stable growth path for individuals. On-Site career options are possible as well.

Where you can expect to work post completion of the course

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