If you are a car or bike enthusiast, then this is something you have always thought about

Can anyone learn ECU Tuning and Remaps?

With ReynLab - The answer is YES! Irrespective of your educational background, you can now become a Tuning Expert!

Buy the online tuning program and get two weeks of hands-on training worth ₹10,000 for FREE!!


How learning to tune ECUs can help your career!

Think ECU Tuning only helps people in motorsports? Read on to know more ways it can help you build your career ...

ECU Tuning

Understanding how an ECU works can help you to repair and diagnose problems in car and bikes that other mechanics can not figure out

ECU Tuning is called as “Calibration” in automotive companies – This is one of the most sought after skill sets that can help you get placed in companies that manufacture ECUs for automotive market.

ECU Tuning course alse teaches you about the fundamentals of automotive wiring which can help you work with modern day cars and diagnose and repair them

ECU Tuning course gives a perfect baseline for you to learn about “Control Systems” which is the foundation for building a solid career in Electric Vehicles, Robotics etc.,

Modules Covered


Control Strategy

Control Strategy Adv


After-Market Performance

What our students have to say about our course...

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9 Reasons to learn ECU Tuning and Remaps

Reason #1: Automotive Electronics

Explain it in a couple lines.

Reason #2: Engine Control Units

Explain it in a couple lines.

Reason #3: Diagnostics & Repair

Explain it in a couple lines.

Reason #4: Control Strategy Development

Explain it in a couple lines.

Reason #5: Testing & Validation

Explain it in a couple lines.

Reason #6: System Development

Explain it in a couple lines.

Reason #7: Performance Vehicle Builds

Explain it in a couple lines.

Reason #8: Start your own business

Explain it in a couple lines.

Reason #9: Start a race team!!

Explain it in a couple lines.

There is no short-cut towards learning a new skill. So here is what we are offering to make the learning experience better for you

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What Makes Us Different From Others?


Learn online or offline | Use your computer or mobile device


Extend course duration if you are unable to complete in time - No Questions Asked


We have been in the automotive business -repair, tuning & remaps since 2005


Personal guidance whether you are looking for jobs or setting up your own business


The best brands associate with us Code6 Tuning, Sirius Motorsports and many other race teams


Be a part of the Reynlab community where new articles and videos on tuning and repair are share monthly

You Have 3M Access to Our Lessons

Because learning can never stop, we give you 3 months access to our training materials. Continue learning or referring to the materials even after the completion of the course

What Should You Expect?

Once you have completed our course, you will still recieve the following benefits

And as a BONUS when you sign up today, you get 3M extra access - Get a total of 6M access!

Plus get WhatsApp support on all your tuning, diagnostics and vehicle building queries for 3M

No Questions Asked Guarantee: 7-Day Refund

Incase you are not happy with our course for any reason, we offer a no-questions asked money-back guarantee

"I run a ECU Tuning / Electrical Diagnostics Shop in Oman "


Suraj is from a computer science background and was part of our ECU Tuning / Diagnostics batch. Post the completion of the course and interning with us, Suraj runs a tuning shop in Oman where he caters to American and Japanese vehicles primarily. In the times he is not tuning cars, he takes up electrical diagnosis and repair works.

Ready to start learning and change your life?

We are on a mission to educate car owners and enthusiasts about what goes on inside the black box that is the ECU.

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